About Us
"Shopping-Satisfaction, feedback you can trust when purchasing online."
Trust is a deciding factor when buying online.

> How can you be sure that the product or service you are considering is worth buying?
> Are the ecommerce sites you are browsing trustworthy?

Shopping-Satisfaction brings you reliable information concerning the quality of the online retail stores you are shopping at.
Shopping-Satisfaction is brought to you by Oxatis, leading European ecommerce solution used by thousands of online stores.

Innovation and transparency in ecommerce have always been an integral part of the Oxatis philosophy. The Shopping-Satisfaction solution, providing trusted feedback to the end consumer, was naturally born out of these values.

A perfect understanding of both the end customer and the etailer's needs prompted the group to develop a reliable and tranparent system allowing online sellers to collect and publish authentic customer reviews on their websites.
Group Key Figures
2001 creation of the Oxatis Group
200 million in customer sales
10 500 active Ecommerce sites
5 million products on the platform
10 million orders processed
2011 Actinic joins the Oxatis Group
2013 launch of Shopping-Satisfaction
2018 Actinic becomes Oxatis
Our Mission
"Our goal is to create an online community of buyers and sellers that share the same objective of an honest and secure ecommerce experience.

Our priority is to provide the end consumer with genuine product and services reviews they can trust. We want to give them tangible and reliable information to make educated decisions and allow them to purchase with confidence and feel secure when shopping online."
Marc Schillaci
Founder and CEO - The Oxatis Group
At Shopping-Satisfaction, we care about honesty and integrity. We aim to provide genuine feedback from real customers about their online shopping experiences.

This independent feedback system, regulated by Oxatis, was designed for the thousands of online retailers selling on the Oxatis ecommerce platform, allowing them to share the experiences of their millions of online shoppers.

By providing a transparent reviews and ratings system based on genuine, reliable buyer feedback, Oxatis allows you to make objective decisions about where to shop online and to do so with confidence.
Our Guarantee
Afnor AFNOR is an internationally recognised certification body that aims to lead and coordinate the standards development process and to promote the application of those standards.The AFNOR Group's job is to provide sellers with the tools that can give buyers reassurance.

To ensure the neutrality and authenticity of the feedback provided by the end customer, Shopping-Satisfaction has been developed in accordance with AFNOR standard NF Z74-501 which aims to increase the reliability of and build trust in the processing and publication methods of consumer reviews online.

More than 43 organisations worked collectively for 18 months to define the rules that govern this standard.