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4.9Georges The Big Mans Shop
Large Sizes clothes for big men of all ages. Formal and Casual wear, plus king size footwear.
Mix and match suits to fit up to 72" Chest Waist. Casual wear to fit up to 8xl. Great Choice, Fair prices, excellent service record. In our 30th year.
MerchantGeorges The Big Mans Shop
AddressUnit 2, Big Storage
Sealand Road
Customer Review
2.0 / 5
What is the point
Malc N. 9/15/2020 at 19h23
Customer Review
2.3 / 5
I thought I purchased a suit, but it was not a suit. The trousers were a variant of " yunsa lack" and did not match the jacket..
Frank W. 4/16/2019 at 09h51
Customer Review
2.0 / 5
The Cardigan was a bit long - and I am a tall fellow.

My main problem with you is your shipping costs - half the price of the item.
This would deter me from purchasing from you in the future.

Not a satisfactory experience.
Brian M. 10/9/2018 at 21h13
Customer Review
2.5 / 5
Cannot comment on customer service as I have not made contact with them since the purchase arrived I have not been well enough to contact them I will do next week I can only then update on customer service cannot give a review on that as every review would be false unfair.
Stephen b. 2/17/2018 at 01h58
Customer Review
2.3 / 5
The shirts are to big on your webiste 4xl (54/56) . Shirts that i have recived are 63 inches
You need to check it.
Beata K. 11/10/2017 at 13h51
Hello Mrs K
Very sorry you find the shirts too large.
On checking we see that you ordered size 4xl which is for reccomended actual Chest size 54/56". The garment when being measured under arm will measure at least 60/62" Plus as per our size guide on our web site. This varies slightly depending on fabric and how much natural stretch the garment requires.
This is to allow the garment to fir easialy with room to freely move.
You obviously need a smaller size garment, please be guided by our reccomended actual suggested Chest/Wasit sizes.
We have already contacted you directly to offer a full refund.
Georges The Big Mans Shop 11/10/2017 at 15h32
Customer Review
2.7 / 5
Over two weeks I still have not received all of my orders. I have just found out part of my order is still in the courier's depot in Liverpool and has been for nearly a week!
I chased it up on the tracking which stated it will be delivered on Wed 6th Oct but gave me a choice for earlier delivery on mon 4th which I opted for. I then got an email saying it will be ready for ME TO COLLECT from St Helens on the 4th!
I've spent hundreds of £s and gotta wait even longer till it's sorted out!
Steven nicol. 9/3/2017 at 01h43
I am happy to confirm your parcel was delivered to your door this afternoon as arranged by yourself
Ref the 'delay' in delivery, i can confiirm we dispatched Tuesday 29th within 24 hours of your order, for next day delivery to you Wednesday 30th.
The delivery was then held at your local depot following your own texts requesting a delayed delivery date, firstly for Wednesday 6th September, then revised for today. That delivery was made direct to your door today as arranged, and contained your complete order of four items.
We can only apologise for the 2 pieces that remain out of stock from your previous order - We sent the last available from our own stock and placed an order for new stock same day. As they still remain out of stock I shall cancel and refund these two items for you in view of the continued delay. Whilst we appreciate it can be frustrating to find items out of stock, we trust we have kept you fully informed of progress and updates regularly.
Georges The Big Mans Shop 9/3/2017 at 12h03
Customer Review
2.0 / 5
A substituted pair of trousers were sent even though the ones ordered were still available and in stock. This was denied by seller but proof was/ is on website. The substituted trousers were not the correct leg size. I needed these trousers to attend a funeral and had to buy more trousers locally , something I could not afford. Have been a regular customer of Georges but no longer. They can stick their "loyalty" Pont's.
Michael L. 10/12/2015 at 11h33
Hello Mr Lewis
We are very sorry you feel agrieved at our service. You actually ordered a pair of Trousers in SHORT fittng, when only REGULAR was clearly shown as available. Due to the urgency of your order we took the liberty of send alteranative much more expensive pair but at no extra charge as a favour. These were slightly longerthan the original pair ordered but only marginally.
Georges The Big Mans Shop 10/13/2015 at 16h18
Customer Review
2.3 / 5
Some bad points not many good.
Nicholas T. 7/9/2015 at 16h08
Hello Nicholas, we are very sorry you feel these socks do not come up to size stated. Both of these styles have benn sold successfully for several years with virtually no adverse comments ref fitting. Please feel free to return both ranges for a refund. Regards Mike.
Georges The Big Mans Shop 7/9/2015 at 17h56