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4.9Tamarack Outdoors
MerchantTamarack Outdoors
AddressUnit 4 Creamery Industrial Estate
Kenlis Road
Customer Review
3.7 / 5
I have used Tamarack for best part of ten - fifteen years and always had good service from them. this was possibly the worst I've had and it was not bad, just not brilliant.
Timothy E. 7/3/2020 at 10h34
Customer Review
3.3 / 5
Hello, I don`t have yet get my new DD Hammocks Superlight XL Pyramid Mesh Tent. I hope it will be here in Finland very soon! I truly think that this product will be very nice, light and it will be fit in small space.
Juha N. 6/11/2020 at 21h32
Customer Review
3.7 / 5
See comments below.
GORDON K. 5/7/2020 at 08h39
Customer Review
3.7 / 5
Shipping good and on time. Did not use customer services.
Diane B. 8/9/2019 at 10h55
Customer Review
3.7 / 5
Good product. Though item was sold there was a delay in shipping as the product was not in stock. Would have been better if this was made clear on purchase.
Guna R. 5/7/2019 at 15h24
Customer Review
3.0 / 5
Just for information, as far as the package arrived at Frankfurt airport it took 10 days with German DHL to send the package to my destination (approx. 45 km Award from airport)
Maybe you should better use an alternate transport solution like UPS/FedEx etc. for shipments to Germany.
DHL seems to be ridiculous, service as well.
Thx for other good service!
Michael K. 4/19/2019 at 21h54