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5.0York Wines
York Wines is an independent Wine Merchant on a mission to find fantastic wine from all over the world and deliver it direct to your door!
MerchantYork Wines
AddressWellington House, The Square
Sheriff Hutton, York , YO60 6QY
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No comments.
ANNE W. Beautiful wine received within 24 hours . 9/14/2020 at 15h20
Customer Review
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My order is overdue so I can't comment on any aspects of York Wines business. My ratings does not reflect the reality of the situation just the rediculousness of wanting a review this early in the process.
Ian S. 4/17/2020 at 11h51
Customer Review
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Excellent wine and service.
Martin W. 4/17/2017 at 12h35
Customer Review
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Why the review now? This was not recent as indicated, had to check my bank details in case of fraud am not happy this has been recd months after shipment!! Normally am very happy with service, wine excellent. Look at the order date on top 2014 ??
Helen F. 10/20/2016 at 18h48
Good morning,
Apologies you have received the email having ordered such a long time ago. We were altering the settings on the website and didn't realise that all of our customers would receive an email asked for feedback. We have, however been really pleased with everyone's feedback about our wine and service to customers. We hope this won't happen isn't our strong point!
Many thanks,
York Wines.
York Wines 10/21/2016 at 10h05
Customer Review
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Wine delivered to wrong address so I have no product to review. Wine was for NY, which left us short on the night - not ideal.
Niall H. 1/1/2015 at 21h59
Customer Review
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Courier company unable to find address and deliver even though they spoke to the intended recipient and promised to redeliver the following day.

The delivery address is correct the but a new house. Other deliveries have been made successfully to the address.

What do we do next?
Nick Butters for Jean Butters. 11/29/2014 at 20h13
Hello Nick,

Many apologies for this problem regarding delivery. We use City Link to deliver the wine to customers, the delivery address is not registered at City Link but we have spoken to them and they have assured us it will leave the depot by tomorrow at the latest. We are monitoring progress regularly and will update you with any news.

York Wines.
York Wines 12/1/2014 at 12h29